Monday, September 10, 2007

Early Mum Color

In order to encourage Fall to arrive, I'm spreading the news far and wide about Autumn color. There is lots to look forward to for fall color...I promise.
Today's color is from early mums.






Urano Orange

Phyllis (don't think you can fit another bud on this gal)


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh Henry!

This one is going in a corner bed that is begging for more fall action.

'Henry Eilers' Rudbeckia

It gets about 4ft tall, and 2 ft wide.
It loves the sun.
It doesn't mind a bit of neglect (I can provide that).
It also does pretty well as a cut flower.

I have pulled some of the fading summer annuals in anticipation of planting fall pansies, and some hardy plumbago.

This little (big) guy caught my eye and will be good towards the middle of the bed where I need some more height and definitely more fall interest.