Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just One-Night Stand?

Here is the 'morning after' picture of the Moonflower. The blooms only last one evening, and then its all over.

This is the bloom from the smaller of my two vines. Behind this bloom you can see another bloom that will probably open tomorrow night.

Something you can see in this picture (even though it's 'done did' its thing), is the long tube on which the flower blooms.

With such a long wait for the first bloom, it seems once it gets going the Moonflower just keeps on going. There are buds starting to crop up all over my two plants.

Here is a bloom for tomorrow from the bigger of my 2 vines. I might even have two blooms on this plant...see the bloom just behind?

I wish my camera took better up close pictures (or maybe just that I was a better photographer).

The flower buds themselves are very interesting with their ice cream cone kind of twist. A lot of flower and fragrance is gonna come out of this bloom tomorrow night. Maybe the bloom has to get a bit of a spring action going to make a 6inch power flower pop open...

Of the flowers I planted for the white garden this year, this might end up being one of my favorites...

Though it's a sort of one night stand with the flowers themselves, I might have a long term romance with the Moonflower Vine.


Marcel said...

As you I am an amateur of gardening. I live in Belgium, in Europe and I like to discover through the Net the nature and the flowers of other countries. Congratulations for your blog.
In a friendly way.

Laurie & Chris said...

White is very hard to take picture of. I always have a hard time.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely flower it is. I had sown it this year too, the seedlings appeared and then ........slugs!

Oh well, I'll try again next year and in my white garden where there are less slugs.

Thanks for the pics and story, I'm rather envious of you! ;-)

Layanee said...

Moonflowers are quite large aren't they! I hope you have many more to follow!

Christa said...

Moonflowers are so intriguing. I have grown them in my garden in previous years and I always enjoy seeing them.