Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Tree of One Hundred Days

Crape Myrtles are wonderful in the garden for summer.
My 'Dynamite' Crape Myrtle started blooming about a week ago. It will continue to bloom for a total of 100 days. It prefers full sun, which it gets. Since it was established 3 years ago, it has required little care. Crape Myrtle can take dry conditions and this year, that is pretty much what this little gal has had.

I think I will give 'Dynamite' a good trim this coming spring to fatten up its shape. I want more branching happening, and that will do the trick. This 'Dynamite' variety is a fantastic dark red. It will be approximately 20-25 feet when it reaches maturity. I want to add maybe 2 more red Crape Myrtle to my yard...I just haven't decided if I want the same red (this is beautiful), or try others. This Dynamite is by far the reddest of the reds, the other 'reds' tend more towards pink or coral. I will more than likely go with more 'Dynamite'.

Wow, I love this tree. I love that the hummingbirds have been visiting it each day...it must be all the red it produces (maybe I should watch out for charging bulls as well?). I love that as other plants are suffering a bit, or slowing in the summer heat, the Crape is just getting started with its show.
I especially love that I get to see all this color, and more to come for 100 days.


kris said...

Hi - just catching up with your posts - I LOVE the crape myrtle - the red is stunning. I don't think I'd ever seen a moonflower in bloom - very nice. I work for a couple guys that have a showroom at the Chicago Gift Mart (and the Minneapolis Gift Mart) - I've never been to the Chicago one - but Minneapolis makes my heart flutter, so can imagine how fun that was! I loved the photos of the torso dress mannequins and gardens - very fun.

Laurie & Chris said...

Your Crape Myrtle is so pretty. I just love the color.

Layanee said...

I love the crape myrtle and will just have to enjoy yours as it is not hardy here!

ladyluz said...

Oooo, crape myrtle - what a fab plant. I wonder if I can find one here in southern Spain. Sounds like it might thrive here.

So glad you like the Sufi story:
(from one cracked pot to another)