Friday, August 3, 2007

Please, Sir. May I have some more?

This is 'White Swan' Echinacea. This gal is new to the garden. She is part of some of the new plantings this year that have been all white.

These beauties have been blooming all Summer. I've cut them and brought them in for bouquets several times.

The bugs haven't bothered this plant. I gave it a bit of Plant-tone when I first planted it, other than that, no fertilizer. Although its a new addition to the garden, and the weather has been relatively dry, it is still thriving.

I'd say this will be a perennial I will plant more of next year. If it is like any of the other Echinacea, I might not need to buy them, there may be babies a plenty in the spring. Bring 'em on! More. More. MORE!

Can you see the 'Knock Out' Rose in the back? It's been blooming like that all summer as well.


Laurie & Chris said...

Your coneflowers look very healthy. I just bought my mom a knockout rose for her birthday. She loves it.She love to hear that your bloomed all summer.

Me said...

It looks like a lovely clear white - is it? Sometimes they seem more yellow than white.

Durability - now that is always great. :)

Chitweed said...

Laurie & Chris, Thanks for stopping in. Always great to see the dragonfly stopping by.:)

Me, The coneflower is actually a nice white. It has maybe just a teensy hint of a cream to it...but I find it to be one of the whiter varieties I've seen. I wouldn't say there is a yellowness to it at all.