Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Murphy's Law?

Know how they say "The best laid plans can go awry"?
Or Murphy's Law about "Anything that can go wrong will"?
My garden is the picture in the dictionary that demonstrates both of these.
It's not always a bad thing...

This is a zinnia that reseeded from last year. Last years were a reseed from the year before. The year befores zinnias were Profusion Apricot. This is not Profusion Apricot.
This is not what I expected. Still, I like it. Maybe the Profusion Apricot is an offspring of Profusion Cherry, as I think that is what this flower color looks like.
Don't count your zinnias before they hatch...um...bloom.

This beautiful snap dragon is white. Right?

Wait...you see a bright salmon flower, too?

Whew, I thought maybe it was just the sunstroke I might be suffering from in the 90F temps we had today. I planted white, which 11 of the plants are (part of the all white plantings this year), the 12th has managed to not be white. 'Tis OK, I like it.

This is a very tender annual, coleus. It hates the cold. Its the first to take a dive in the fall with a light frost. It is a reseed from last year, but who am I to tell it that it shouldn't have come back? I like it. I just wish I remembered what the name of it is? I can't at all remember the name at the moment...Florida SunSpot...maybe?
It's 'Chitweeds Law' in my garden instead...
"What can go wrong will,
the best laid plans will certainly go awry,
but dude... it's all good".


Owin & Irena said...

surprises in the garden help to keep things interesting. all your blooms look good so I'm with you...why not just go with the flow?

Yolanda Elizabet said...

LOL!!!! I like your attitude! Just go with the flow, that's my motto. ;-)

RuthinNewYork said...

Thanks for the visit. Please feel free to come back and comment anytime!

Anonymous said...

Here's another Murphy's Law....why are those closest to our hearts sometimes the farthest away?? Hey girl, I MISS YOU!!! I've GOT to get down to the market sometime. Every new week is packed with commitments, but I will make it down sometime soon.
Thinking about you!

Boston BookEd said...

Having inherited a garden plot just this year, I'm finding a lot of surprises - half of which I can't identify. So I'm trying to "go with the flow" while not "making my garden neighbors hate me because I'm accidentally harboring invasive species."

Hence, I envy you!

Q said...

Oh yes, I also go with the flow!
In my case it is more planting native and inbetween what the birds and the wind have planted.
I am gardening for the butterflies and birds. I find I am learning more than ever before in my 35 years of gardening!
I save seed too year to year.
So nice to get to know you.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I love your "Dude, it's all good" attitude! Some of the best things in my gardens are the happy accidents, and I wouldn't be without them, either. :)

chigiy said...

I have the same issues in my garden.
I have had that salmon color snapdragon come back from white and now it comes back every year as salmon, but I really love the color.

MrBrownThumb said...

I got a bunch of surprises when I sowed some of my Zinnia Green Envy seeds I saved last year to discover that some aren't green at all.

Hmmm. I'm thinking that maybe I mixed up some heads or something because I don't know how I got red zinnias from a green one.