Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tropical Parking Lot

This is what you would see if you came to the greenhouse where I work, this week. The parking lot out front is crazy with flowers. The tropical flowers we have out there can take the brutal sun and where they are.
We sell a lot of tropical plants at the greenhouse. I just love the blooms and the color. While I enjoy them very much, I've finally learned not to buy them for my own home. My deck area which practically screams for plants like these (I think), can't sustain them, because there is no sun.
I have some tropical Jasmine I sneak into some beds out front, and into some planters, other than that I just can't have them.

No purple bougainvillea. (sigh)

No gorgeous Oleander. (arrgghhh)

Perennial Hibiscus.

Yeah, perennial. I might have to start a new garden for this one next year, out front. I've been eyeing them for a few years now. More varieties are available every year. There are lots of colors... from reds, to yellow, to pinks, and plums. There are solid color flowers, and flowers with accented 'eyes'. Some have big fat leaves, and some have lacy delicate leaves. Believe it or nor, this is not a tropical! Sure does look like it would be, yes?

I do not have enough sun near the deck. There may be enough sun near the area where we park our cars. Then, I could have my own tropical looking parking lot.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Cheer up, it is possible to have a few tropical blooms in the garden. You just need a greenhouse or conservatory to overwinter them. That's what I do anyway!

Thanks for the lovely pics!

Me said...

I am back from vacation and catching up and I do enjoy the garden pond saga.

Layanee said...

At least you can still enjoy them every day!

MrBrownThumb said...

Love the pics. I have zone denial and love plants that can't possibly make it here. But I keep buying them even though I know better because how can you resist those colors and floral shapes?

kris said...

I have 5 perennial hibiscus now - I can't resist those gorgeous, huge blooms! I've had excellent luck with them in my zone 4 garden. I usually put some mandevilla in a pot to climb on the fence - would be nice if they'd come back, but definitely annuals here! Beautiful photos.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I think you should do both--dress up the parking lot AND make a new bed in front!!! (Yup, I'm an enabler. lol.)

Have you seen the new (to me) hardy hibiscus with the red leaves and the pink flowers? Copper King, I think it's called... now that would make you feel like you needed a fruity drink with an umbrella while you watched it bloom!