Monday, July 9, 2007

Recent Grand Openings

The blooms have been popping in the garden while I've been playing with the recent pond addition.

I have to try and capture the photos early in the day if I can, because the weather has been so brutally hot they are not their best when I get home from work.

'Vanilla Fluff' Daylily.
Big very fluffy blooms. Like a meringue out in the garden. The plant is quite large as well, I will divide it next year or it will be too big for its spot.

'Krakatoa Lava' is a hot orange.

I love red daylilies, and 'Rooten Tooten Red' does not disappoint.

'Mauna Loa'. I thought it would be a bit brighter, but I still like it.

' Big Snowbird'

This is a 'Nosferatu' Daylily.

I love the name, but its not scary at all. It's darker than the photo looks. One of the petals kinda hooks up like a vampire's turned up cowl on a cape...maybe? I wonder where the name came from? The plant is large, with lots of buds coming. I like it, especially because of its name. I think I might move it over near the 'Night Coming' Daylily. I bet they would be great buddies color and name-wise.

The fresh 'Nosferatu' flower is not scary.. what IS scary is what the bloom looks like the next its life's blood had been sucked out.


Speaking of scary...

While I've been playing with the pond, the Japanese Beetles have been hard at work in the garden. Time to get back to work on keeping the damage at a minimum. They are as busy as I am!


Layanee said...

Hydrangeas are hard to dislike...yours are beautiful! Nice daylilies. I love 'the day after' shot.

Marie said...

I'm always surprised at how daylilies can change color according to soil and conditions. My Mauna Loa is so bright orange I feel I need sunglasses to look at it. Yours might be the same next year but it's pretty as is as are the others. Nice blog.

kris said...

The daylilies are beautiful - great photos. Thanks for providing the names!