Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Pond I can Live with?

I can!

It's Official. It is in the ground, level, filled, and (mostly) all done.
'It' is the pond my husband and I started to build, each thinking the other was the one who wanted it. We are still laughing about it. How did we each think the other wanted a pond? It's just one of those things I guess.

It was a lot of work, but has turned out surprisingly well, considering we've never done this sort of project before.

Here is the 'dry run'. We placed the largest stones where and how we wanted them. The mound of dirt we started with was packed down, and then the levels were carved for each drop.

The more space between each drop of the waterfall, the more sound. Figuring there would be plenty of sound when it dropped into the pond itself, the other 2 drops are about 2" and 3" each.

When we had the stones like we wanted, I took this picture so we could remember it, and recreate the effect. It was a good thing I took the photo, because we looked at it several times!

We added the liner the waterfall was to go down. The liner is a very heavy rubbery kind of thing, and it was 5'x15'. The flat stones for the falls were mortared in and made level. This is the second of the 3 drops being installed.

Hubby put the 3 large flat stones in, mortared them, and made sure they were level. We let the cement dry overnight.

The next day I played with the placement of the stones while Hubby was at work, so we would have a head start. I ended up liking it after a while, and then I took the plunge! I installed the rocks along the edges using the expanding pond foam that keeps the water from running under them.

Hubby couldn't believe I did it all by myself. Me either! I didn't tell him until I was all done. I'm so glad he liked it. I'm even more glad I like it! (is that terrible?)

I trimmed the excess liner. I left about 12" around the stones and hanging into the pond.

We added a few plants for accent...a 'Pacific Blue' Juniper, a Pieris Japonica, a Red Rhododendron, and a Japanese Maple.


Here is the great unveiling...


(music swells in the backgound...lots of horn action)


(don't you hate when people do this?)





(the effect is lost a bit with the hose still filling...but you get the idea)

The waterfall end with the Juniper, Maple, and Pieris.

Here is the other end. It is where the Red Rhodie, and oops, forgot to mention the new Hosta 'Fragrant Dream', were added.

After running the waterfall for the first time we discovered one side leak. So we filled the pond, but let the fall dry out. I will add more of the pond foam tomorrow when I get home from work, and let it dry once more.

To this end of the pond we still will be adding a stone shelf inside to put some water plants on. I have of course already got my eye on some at the market. (did you doubt that?)

Yes...this is a pond I can live with...even if at one time I didn't want it. As Hubby and I sat outside this afternoon on the deck near it, we decided we do indeed like it. It is so relaxing, so calming, so cool, so attractive...yes, we like it.

Maybe we didn't either one choose to have the pond, but the pond chose us?


Layanee said...

It looks as though you could 'cool off' in there also! Nice job! Are you adding fish?

tlc illustration said...

I'm glad for you that it turned out so well. :-) It looks lovely and I'm sure will be very tranquil to look and listen to on hot summer afternoons and evenings.

You are very brave. I'm not sure I'd be up to tackling the install of a water feature on my own!

Jean said...

Your pond looks great! I'm sure the sound is wonderful!

Laurie & Chris said...

The pond looks great. You guys did a wondrful job. Sit back and enjoy it!!

Chitweed said...

We will be adding fish after the plant shelf is installed. It seems that we should have 60% of the surface covered with plants for the fish to have a good environment. Goldfish will be the choice for ease, a learning curve for care, and (ahem) price.

The sound of the pond is great. We need to tame the flow just a we will be adding a clamp to one end of the hose.

So good. We are enjoying the pond.

kris said...

I just caught up with all your posts on the pond - I love the finished look! My husband brought home a liner from a garage sale one time - we started to install it, but then decided the lake was enough water feature - lol! I'm impressed - with all the work you had to do and how absolutely delightful it turned out. Enjoy!