Thursday, June 28, 2007

First, Second, Third

I enjoy my Daylilies immensely. I can't wait 'til each new variety opens for the first time every growing season. These are the beauties for today.

Well... not just opened today, because when I came home yesterday afternoon and wanted to take some pictures of the lilies I knew opened that morning...they were already fried because of the 94F temperatures we had during the day.
So these are the second day's Daylily pictures taken this morning before it got too hot.


This is 'Back Draft'. Its a great hot orange with a nice red center. BIG fat flower! It looks like a hot Summer Day.

This is 'Little Grapette', a nice purple with yellow throat. The number of fans on this Daylily have probably quadrupled this year, over last. Gonna be lots of blooms.

'Chesapeake Crablegs', an orangie yellow spider. This particular bloom is not wonderful, hopefully the rest will be nicer, there are lots of buds. Maybe this one needs a third try for a nice picture...its color is worth a try.


kris said...

Oh, you have some pretty daylilies. I love these bloomers too. I'm adding new ones this year because a lot of mine seem to be pastels - feeling the need for COLOR! Always room for more daylilies.

Yvonne Cunnington said...

Nice plants! Love those hydrangeas too. Our daylilies are just getting started, so I have those to look forward to. Thanks for your good wishes on the rain. Maybe if we all did a rain dance...

Laurie & Chris said...

Your daylilies are very pretty. I really like the dark (purple) one.