Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I race home ahead of the thunderstorm (under the speed limit of course).
I weave in and out of traffic (using my turn signals of course).

I had to. I was bringing home plants that had to get in the ground. I had to beat the rain.

This is not a white flower...I know. I am planting only white flowers this year...I know.
It gets to go in the garden this year because it was a 'freebie'.
(Exception to the Rule, freebies can be put in the garden regardless of color. Why? Because they are free!)

I pull in the driveway. I run in the house. I say 'Hey' to the kid, or 'I love you', or 'How was your day?', or... something. Run outside to get the plants out of the car. Run back in the house to get the car keys (its locked). Kid laughs. Run back outside again to get plants out of the car. Get favorite sharp shovel out of garage. Run shovel, and 2 astilbe over to the circle-garden-that-is-not-shaped-like-a-circle.

'BOOM' (thunder, of course).

Move mulch. Dig first hole. Plant Astilbe #1. Replace mulch.

'Pitter Patter' (the start of rain, what else?)

Move mulch. Hurry. Plant astilbe #2. Repl.....

RUN to house! Noah-sized downpour of rain!

RUN back to the circle-garden-that-is-not-shaped-like-a-circle to get favorite sharp shovel.

RUN to house! Put shovel in garage. Go in house soaking wet. Kid laughs.

(of course)


Tricia said...

Hey well at least your new plants got watered as soon as they were in the ground. :)

Uhm ... do you have a none AOL email? That one isn't working either. I got another error message when I tried to send you the GTS email. Could your mailbox be full or something?

The code probably won't show up right in this comment but I'll try to give it to you this way:

Nope can't add it to comment. Oh well. I tried!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Your kid is not the only one that is laughing LOL! :-D Very amusing post.