Tuesday, June 26, 2007

John,Paul,George,and Ringo?

If only it was those Beatles.
...but no, it is these Beetles!

I knew they were coming...the Japanese Beetles invasion. It was predicted to be a bad year (meaning lots of them), because we didn't have a very harsh winter. They are here now having started their Summer Tour, and have chosen for a stage... my 4th of July roses.
No screaming throngs of teenagers to welcome them...just a screaming gardener.

Today's were the first of the beetles I've seen this year. I was not happy. They knew I was coming back for them when I walked away.

I guess they got a ticket to ride...because when I got back to where I spotted them, they were gone.


Do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?

(whoa oh, oh)


The 'spray' comes home with me tomorrow! I'm gonna shake it up baby, and these beetles are gonna twist and shout.


Moe said...

I just mentioned on somebody else's blog: my dad always kept a bucket of soapy water in the rose garden and he tosses the beetles in. Kills 'em quickly :)

Laurie & Chris said...

I HATE beatles!! Now I am going to check my rose garden. You got me worried about them.

kris said...


Chitweed said...

Moe, I like the idea of the soapy water...I think I will try it along with my sprays.

Thanks for stopping in everyone! Check out your garden, the Beetles Summer Tour has begun!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Are you glad it's all over now? ;-) Japanese beetles are not a lot of fun I see, I like the British ones much better!