Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hippy Hydrangea

I have a Hydrangea in my yard that has been eating funny mushrooms, dropping acid (is that what gets done with acid?), or maybe just feeling its Flower Power. It's a definite homage to the 60's. It's a real gas.

It seems to be tye-dyed. Not only is each flower on the bush a different color, but fluerettes with in each hydrangea bloom are different. It's outta sight! I can't wait till more comes into heavy color...but there's enough color now to show you whats happening so far.

The Hydrangea is in a batch of Hydrangeas that I don't know the varieties of. It's one of five, that until this year, have all bloomed the same color, a deep blue. I have not fed these hydrangea, also no sprays, no soil additives, no new mulch, in fact I have barely taken care of them at all. It's gone ape all by its lonesome.

The bush is the only one of the five to change its color this year. It's really far out.

You can see the color of the other hydrangeas of this variety that are still blue, behind my 'tye-dye' bush.
I think it's really groovy man.

This is another unknown variety. It makes really big blooms, and lots of 'em. I seem to give a home to a lot of the wayward Hydrangea that lose their identification tags at the market. I have a Hydrangea commune of sorts. As long it's a Hydrangea, I don't care what actual variety it is, I know I will like it.

My mantra? You can never have enough Hydrangeas.

They are fab, man!

This little beauty is the variegated Hydrangea I threatened in my post on June 12. It used to be a real drag. But now...this is the first of 4 blooms on the bush. I need to be meaner to this bush, the harsh words seem to be making it work harder. Ain't it a blast?

K, I'm bugging out... know, I'm gonna boogie.

Can you dig it?

Want to find some choice 60' slang? Try it's a cherry website, man.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

FAR OUT!!!!!

I love hydrangeas, I seem to kill them by not keeping them watered enough, but I keep trying.

We planted Endless Summer and Pinky Winky this spring.

kris said...

Tie-dyed hydrangea - totally cool - I mean, far out! I'm with you, man! Great photos.