Monday, June 4, 2007

and in this Corner...

...the Knock Out Rose!
Reigning Champion as best loved rose in my garden.

OK. Only beloved rose in my garden.

These guys really do deserve the name they were given. They bloom all summer...profusely. Not much bothers them. Very few bug problems (even that 4 letter word 'beetle') (...well you know what I mean). Not much if any spraying required. I give them a hard prune in spring, and then just enjoy them.

This one is the original "Knock Out". It's a hot pink called "Radrazz"

This is the "Blushing Knock Out".

It's color is very pale. The bush hasn't quite gotten to the size of the "Radrazz", but is still very nice. Same no care situation.

The only thing I do for the "Knock Outs", is what I do for all my other plants, I give them a bit of fertilizer. I like Espoma's Plant Tone. It's just a general feed for everything.

These roses are very simple, but still cut very well for bringing in the house. I cut just about everything for arrangements. I like very casual styles. These roses are perfect for that.

I will be planting 5 more "Knock Outs" this year to finish the drive. They won't be part of the white garden. The color scheme there will stay the same, it has precedence, and there isn't a white "Knock Out " yet anyway.

:) Hey, I can bend my own rules can't I?


J.P. said...

I inherited a yard full of roses like yours when I moved here a couple of years ago.
They had never been pruned and I am the Queen of pruning but they tolerate my interference and continue with their blowsy non-stop blooming.

Chitweed said...

I know what you mean...they really don't stop.
They almost make me want to like roses. :)