Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm So Blue

In actuality... its my Hydrangeas that are blue.

Be assured...we are all very happy.

I am lucky enough to live in an area where the soil makes my hydrangeas blue naturally. I don't know the names of but one of the hydrangeas in this post. I photographed them for this post because they were the bluest in my garden. Since I don't know their official names, I want to name them myself.

Of course they won't be the real name...just nick names. Bluesy nicknames.

Nickname: Gertrude Rainey seems apropos, bigger than life.

Nickname: Victoria Spivey

Nickname: Howlin' Wolf

aka Chester Arthur Brooks

Nickname: Muddy Waters

Nickname: Robert Johnson

The myth is that he was so good, he must have made a pact with and gotten his guitar tuned by the devil himself.

Its so heavy with flowers the branches are arching to the ground. Doesn't 'Endless Summer' seem too light hearted a name for this Hydrangea now? I need a bluesy nickname.

How about? Willie Dixon "The Blues are the roots; everything else is the fruits"

Great Blues websites to visit


kris said...

The hydrangea photos are beautiful - and how clever to come up with "bluesy" names for them all! Love it.

Laurie & Chris said...

Your Hydrangeas are so pretty. My mom has a blue Hydrangea and some of the blooms are a light purple also. It looks really neat when it is in full bloom. Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you stop by again.