Friday, June 29, 2007

I Guess I Have a Lot

When I think of something I have a lot of in my yard, my first thought is Hydrangea.
Then I think Hosta.
I should think Daylilies also...

This is a better picture today, of the 'Chesapeake Crablegs' Daylily.
It's a bright and sunny bloom. The flowers are soooo long and spidery. I have 3 spider-type Daylilies, this is the first to come into color. I've not seen the other 2 in actual flower, just in I am impatiently waiting to see them.

This is 'Beth Herr'.
I've not seen her in actual bloom until this year. She opened for me today for the first time. Breathtaking. The dark ruffled edges are even more noticeable than the picture can convey.

This side picture shows the 'Beth Herr' dark ruffles a bit better maybe? The creamy color with the dark purple very nice.
We had a big thunder boomer storm last night, and rain on and off all day today. I love to see flower photographs with raindrops all over I got to take some.

'Siloam Cooper's Chantilly' keeps making more and more blooms. It's been a real winner in my garden this season. The closed buds on it are so funny and fat, but I guess they have to be, because so many petals come out!

This is 'Night Coming'.

Lavender with an even deeper purple eye, and yellow center. Today was its first day opening and 5 blooms came all at once. Such an exhibitionist...but great way to end the Daylily show.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

There's no guessing about that at all. ;-) You do have a lot! Just bought my first Daylilies last week on my holiday. Can't wait to bung them in the ground!

kate said...

I love the Crablegs daylily. It is so pretty.

You have interesting daylilies - all in my favourite colours. Night coming is gorgeous!

Have you seen gotta garden's collection of daylilies at You two would have much in common!

Moe said...

Wow! That Beth Herr is stunning.

PG said...

I am sat here on a dull cold rainy evening (England in summer!) loving your gorgeous flowers and (almost) feeling the warmth!