Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nature Lends a Helping Hand

I love Nature, but often I find myself fighting her in my garden.

That sounds terrible, but its true. Diseases. Weeds. Drought. Bird droppings. Birds biting the plants. Bunnies biting my plants. Bugs biting my plants and me. My plants biting me. (you know, poison ivy & oak, and prickles and thorns of all kinds)
All this is nature I'm fighting...or better to say 'rebelling against' I suppose.

Sometimes Nature is helping
...when at the time I thought she was fighting me.

Case in point. My lavender.
This is the lavender I did not trim back. I did not get around to it in time. When I did have the time it was too late in the season, so I just let it go. Its a mess. Wild and crazy.

More Lavender I did not trim.

Yup. A mess. Blooming like crazy, yes, but such a tangle. I've taken 5 bunches off this snarl. They are not the best looking bunches as they are twisted and crooked. I'm just wanting the dried buds for lavender it's OK, but I still would have liked nicer bunches.

Here is the Lavender Nature helped with.

The bunnies trimmed it for me. They trimmed it back to about 2 inches. (8" is what I would have done) I was not happy when that happened. Now it is the best lavender in the yard. Straight. Neat. Blooming nicely, tho a bit behind schedule.

Frosted Kiss Gazania....and friend ?

The Gazania are part of my white garden this year. Next to her is a 'volunteer' zinnia from last year. (there were also volunteer weeds that I pulled before taking the picture) Nature has given me about 20 of these seedlings as returns from last year. They should be 'Profusion Apricot' Zinnias, as that was what volunteered last year as well.

(see the light green? more volunteers!)

I'm letting some of them stay where they are, and moving others away from the grass where they've come up, to better places. They aren't part of the white scheme, but hey...they are free. It's just going to have to be an amendment to my white theme. If it's free it can stay no matter the color. Who am I to fight Nature? Especially when she's being so helpful?


gardenmomma (Chris) said...

I know what you mean. Still, I absolutely love volunteers. I rarely pull them up, as I consider them my own personal little gifts. Once exception. I had one goldenrod volunteer last fall...didn't even know what it was til it bloomed. This year I had about 50!!! I was ruthless pulling them up. The lavender the bunnies helped you with looked just perfect!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That's it, just go with the flow. And if they bite, just bite back. ;-)