Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Accidents and New Beginnings

Spring is still here. (Supposedly)
You can't tell by the weather... It's been so hot and humid, with temps in the upper 80's to low 90's. This time of year it should be in the low to mid 70's.
I can tell that it's still Spring by a few of the happenings in my garden.

I found this happy accident yesterday. It looks to be a baby of my much bigger Weeping Japanese Maple.
(I hope that it is)
There are no other maples near by. Of course the wind or a bird could have brought it to me as a gift. In any case...the little one is in a place where a tree would be nice to have. It will be quite a while before there is any size to it.
I think I shall let it stay. What could it hurt? I like happy accidents.
This started as a freebie, went on to be a happy accident, turned into a nightmare, and is now a new beginning.
Huh? you say? Let me recount the saga.
We get in bareroot veggies, strawberries, and vine fruits at the garden center in the spring. Some roots don't come in in the best of shape and so we don't sell them.
A few years ago I took home 3 grapevines; 1 each of a Red, a Green, and (my fave) Concord. They were some of the not-so-good-looking vines that came in. The roots weren't great looking, but I thought that maybe one might live...what could it hurt? I planted all three together in the same hole. One took off. Woo-whooo!
The first year no grapes (normal).
The second year we got rust, and a few yucky grapes. Vowed to start a spraying program the next year.
Third year we got tons of grapes, then they all turned brown and fell off. There was a bacteria in the soil. The spray didn't cover this problem.
Fourth year (this year), we didn't start spraying soon enough. This Spring the grape was already getting a rust. I said "Enough with with your head". Before I knew it, the once 20 ft grape vine became a 2ft stump, with a pile of grapevine wreath makings next to it. (sigh, head hanging low)
Hubby came home to the scene of the murder. We dug the pitiful stump out of the ground, none to carefully. "Let's plant it was a freebie...what could it hurt"? We decided to bury the grapevine at the far end of the yard, out of eyesight. "If it comes back maybe we can build an arbor for it". "It probably won't come back, we were really rough with it, and didn't leave enough root". "If it is meant to live it will. Just water it"
(a very close up picture)
It's coming back! Maybe NEXT year I'll find out what kind of grape it is.
I'm still rooting for a Concord. What could it hurt?

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