Friday, May 18, 2007

Ahhhh...Spring Time Flowers

When we moved into our house 4 years ago, this Rhododendron was in the back yard along with a few others. We did not know what color it was for 2 years. It was in pretty bad shape, and probably had not flowered for a few years because of the poor condition of the soil. After working with the soil, applications of Hollytone, and lots of pruning (some resulting from a losing fight with a huge falling tree branch), its still quite large, and now blesses us with purple blooms in the spring.

This Rhododendron was found after we moved into our house. It was in a corner of the yard under mountains of leaves. It was a weird shade of green, and not much to look at. With a move to another part of the yard, TLC, and regular doses of the mini-miracle-in-a-bag called Hollytone it really is looking lover-ly. It's now about 3 times the size it was when we moved here!

No need to fear the all white garden. I can see I'll have plenty of "Grandfathered-in" color in my garden from original plants in the landscape (tho none too many), and the planting I've done here over the last 4 years. Things are popping out and up all over (including the weeds). A lot of my plants will even look nice with a dose of white near them. There are some unfortunate pale yellows that might not look as nice with white...but I can be creative.

I'm almost done the plans for the new perennials to add this year...all whites and or greens of course. I finally got Moon Vine in the greehouse again (there are some very happy customers this week)....I'll use it for my will be a nice 'white' flower to grow up and over it. Moon Vine gets large white flowers, about 6 inches across, that open in the evening.

I can't wait to start. It may have to wait a bit tho...rain over the next 2 days is going to slow down my progress. Don't be surprised if I'm out there in the rain planting if it gets to be too much of an itch to scratch (been there & done planted that way many times).

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