Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers Day Weekend

Well, it is all I can do to log on and write a bit this evening.
Doesn't that sound pitiful? :)

Actually, as long as the day was, it went by pretty fast. When its heck-a-busy, I enjoy it. Just movin' around, rearranging displays, directing people, answering questions all day... that's a good day. In general running around like a headless chicken (with a purpose) suits me.

Hanging baskets were the hot ticket item today, along with the planters taken out of the growing greenhouses on Thursday. I'm so glad 'our' stuff made the date. It all looks so great, and customers are really complimentary. The 10" fuchsias that came out of the houses the week before last are almost gone. I think we grew 150 pots...guess we should have grown more.

It's funny that I'm still in the Mother's Day holiday, but my mind is on the coming week, and the trailer of tropical plants I have to fill for delivery June 24-26. I've found a new grower In Fl. that I'm really excited about. They've got an amazing inventory, and have been nice enough to send lots of pictures of current stock. LOTS of unusual stuff, and in bigger sizes. Now to narrow down the list of what to bring in. It will be hard, but I'm up to the challenge (I am amazing after all) (tho very humble about it)

Now I shall Play with one of my new Mother's day presents - an iPod (does that spelling look right?) (yep, it's right...checked the box) Guess I can't be all that tired if I want to play with a new toy.

I'll tell you about my other Mother's day present when I can take a picture of it.

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