Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lemons and Lemonade-Making-Time

It was the perfect plan on Sunday.
It came undone around the edges today. Today lemonade was made out of lemons.

The plan was for 1-2 greenhouse truck deliveries each day this week: 2 trucks on days when each delivery was a smaller, 1 truck for the big load days. Well, one of the big truck days was today. No dice. Plenty of people on hand to unload, tag, and put out merchandise...from a truck that never came. It will be here tomorrow.
That makes 2 big trucks tomorrow.
Oiy vay!

Silver lining: KS was able to get a lot of the pots, planters and hanging baskets that were grown here out into the retail houses. They are really pretty. It was touch and go that they would make Mother's Day because it was so cold it was holding the growth back a bit. The last few sunny days have really made the difference.
Always something to do, even when the day gets messed up a bit. Mom came in to help tag the truck that never she put out mini roses. (hey..she asked if there was anything she could do....)

For tomorrow: All the tags are made. The tables are ready to receive. The greenhouses are swept and washed down. There will be a few extra people on hand to help, even my Mom (I just love that woman).

Did I mention there was a power outage? Some accident up the road or something. We limped on for a couple hours with the generators running a few registers, lights, and scales. (sheesh)

Tomorrow... It's gonna be sunny and warm. It's gonna be hectic. The sunscreen and the lemonade are at the ready.

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Anonymous said...

Hey,'s Sherri. LOOKS GREAT! You're actually a great writer. I actually found what you are saying interesting!! [LOL] BTW, I want to hear about that Red something hydrangea. I love hydrangea too. All the big flowers....lilacs, snowballs... I like big and fluffy. I think I'll try to come down next weekend - either Sat night around 5:30 or any time on Sunday. Will you be around?? Email or call to let me know. LOVE YA!!!