Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So...Here's the Plan

The plan is coming together. Work has begun on the all white plantings for the garden. Here are some of the flowers that are going into it. These are a few of the pictures I took in the greenhouse of my choices before bringing some of the stuff home.

This is 'Molimba Helio White' Argyranthemum.

These will go into the Front bed against the part of the house that has cream colored siding. They should show up nicely.

They are 'Nightlife White' Begonia

These are 'Super Olympia White' Begonia.

They will be going into one of the beds in the backyard. I have an affinity for begonias. It runs in my family. My Grandmother liked the funny, funky, weird and exotic begonias, and my Dad always chose wax begonias for his flower beds.

As it goes...I've never met a begonia I didn't like.

These are 'Patriot White ' Zonal Geraniums. (I hope you can tell the ones in the front are the whites!)

They might go in the front corner bed. They are if-y. These are actually in a tie for space with some lover-ly Tall Cutting-type Snapdragons. The Snapdragons are in the running because they are such great cutting flowers, and I love to bring flowers into the house. The geraniums might win the race because...well they are gorgeous. I might end up flipping a coin between these 2 choices. (or extend the bed :) hmmmmmmm?)

These are 'Classic White' Zinnias.

I had some of these great flowers reseed themselves in the grass last year, and I transplanted them into the flower beds. I was hoping some would come back again this year as freebies, but so such luck. So... I have to buy some for the garden this year. least I will be sure to have them that way.


I've also gotten:

  • 'Bells White' Snapdragons
  • 'Pot n Patio' Asters
  • 'Moonflower'
  • Stevia (a very sweet herb)
  • 'White Horse' Lavender (yes, a white flower!)
  • 'Hello White' Gazania
  • 'Hummingbird White' Nicotiana

None of the above are very big, nor are they showing color right I will take pictures after they are finished being planted, and then again as the garden starts to fill in. So far 36 plants are in the ground...with obviously more to go in.

I also need some vine-y things to add to the flower pots sprinkled in different places around the house. Also some coleus for pots on the back deck. (it's quite shady back there, so they do great)

There will also be more Hostas. Plus, Hostas. I might also add Hostas. And then of course, there are new fabulous Hostas which must be added. (I love hostas by the way....)

It's a shame I have no control when it comes to flowers. It's just like an eyes are always too big for my stomach at the dinner buffets, and they are to big for my garden when at the greenhouse buffet. I tell my hubby he really can't the gardens get bigger...he has less to mow. (he complains anyway)

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