Monday, May 28, 2007

Honeysuckle in Bloom

For me, one of the signs I know to look for when the warm weather is here to stay, is when the honeysuckle comes into bloom.

When I was a kid we had wild honeysuckle growing along our lane. My siblings and cousins would pick it in the mornings while we waited for the school bus. The trick was to get the blooms that were just a touch more 'golden'...they were the sweetest.

This isn't a wild honeysuckle. It was a lonely pot with no tag, and not in very good shape when I brought it home. I knew it was a honeysuckle and thats about it...because there were no blooms.

I wasn't even sure this plant would live thru the winter when I put it out on the far fence of our yard. I was happy to see it greening up and then growing in the spring.

Now? Wow. It's beautiful. (I guess I need to set to identifying it)

I'm so tickled it came back.

My son walks past it when he goes down the lane to school.

Guess what? The blooms that are more 'golden' are still the sweetest.

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