Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Another busy day, and the wonderful weather certainly helped.
The end of one heck of a week. Whew!

The week ahead:
  • Monday: time to clean up,straighten, and get ready for the weeks deliveries. Place flats order. Finish up pond plant order.
  • Tuesday: veggie and annual flats delivery. Finish up tropical order. (hopefully get part of the day off)
  • Wednesday: Perennial delivery (qt - 3 gal sizes)
  • Thursday: Annual delivery
  • Friday: second veggie and annual flats delivery.

Sat. and Sun: be very busy :)

Happy Mother's Day to all to whom it applies. I hope you got awesome additions to add to your garden,terrific tools to play in the garden with, and happy helpers volunteering to get your garden ready for summer.


Anonymous said...

So...come ON!!! What's the other Mother's Day present??? You're killing me. -Sherri

Chitweed said...

The other Mothers Day gift is a River Birch Tree, with 4 trunks (one for each kid). I have wanted to start another bed near the house...this is the center piece! You couldn't wait for the picture of when the bed is done huh? Probably just as will take a while to get it just right. I will still take a picture tho. :)