Sunday, May 20, 2007

Things I cannot (but want to) use in the garden....

These are the plants I can't have this year, because of my decision to do an all white garden.
I'm getting them out of my blood, and going on with the white. They might have come to the garden if there were to be other colors. But there won't they aren't.
No to the 'Clown Violet' Torenia.


No Superfinia 'Sky Blue'.

These beautiful things are Corydalis 'Blue Panda', and 'Blackberry Wine'.

Can't have 'em.

' Cinnamon Girl' Iris. No Sirree, ain't gonna happen.

Not in my garden (this year anyway).

Firewitch Dianthus. So very pretty. Blooms for a very long time.

Chitweed will not have it this year.

It wouldn't be prudent. Not gonna have it.

(why does that sound like the church lady from Saturday night Live?)

These? Scotch Harebells.

These, I didn't really want.

:) Ok. Maybe I did, but now they will be for next year.

They didn't want to come home with me anyway...see how they have their faces turned the other way?


Well...that wasn't so bad.

We worked in the garden almost all day. Very weary and achy all over, but satisfied. The weeds are almost all pulled. (but we know how long that won't last, don't we?) Things that needed to be trimmed, are. Things that needed to be sprayed, are. I hate to admit it, but there were a few unlucky plants that didn't get out of their pots last year, and needed to be planted; they now are.

Grass fertilized...check.

Tree poop swept off back deck, lawn furniture, light fixtures, grill, umbrella, steps (etc)...check.

10 bags of mulch put in front half of circle bed...check.

Trees 'limbed up' in circle bed for better light penetration...check.

Last of the leaves out of corner, front, and side beds...check.

Leaves out of backyard beds...not check.

Well...still much to do, but a lot less than there was when I woke up this morning. With BP, J, H, and a little bit of SB, a lot was accomplished. Onward white gardens!

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