Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Busiest time

This is the busiest time of the year for me. The first 3 weeks of May are crazy, with this particular week being the The Mother of all crazy busy weeks.(hee hee, Mother's Day week...Mother of all...ok so I'm punch drunk tired)

This is the busiest time for gardeners and thus, greenhouses & garden centers. So its a double whammy for me and my garden. The home garden takes a backseat this time of year, I must admit. As my Dad always said..."You gotta make hay when the sun shines", therefore off to work I go, leaving behind the weeds that need pulling, the perennials that need dividing, the beds that need mulching, the rest of the roses that need pruning, and so much more.

Another 2 weeks and I'll have time to get my hands into the thick of it again.

Pricing yet another of the many trucks arriving daily, the staff are all saying we would like to have 2 weeks hiatus in the spring to play in our gardens. (Ahhh, a sweet dream...but it ain't happening.)

My eyes settle on the tags of new additions to the inventory. I find myself salivating over the color picture tags, reading the particulars of a plant, figuring out where it might fit in the ever expanding home garden. This week...11 new Echinacea (adding to the 6 from last week), 20 new Day lilies(42 varieties now!), Gold Heart Dicentra, Convallaria Bordeaux, Captain Kirk Hosta, Lady in Red Hydrangea...might they be new additions to my garden?
No! I must stay strong, at least for few more weeks, other wise I will be watering pots of stuff everyday in the side yard, and feel bad I don't have enough time in the day to plant them (much less water them).

If it was meant to be, I'll be able to order them in when I'm ready to plant them.

(It could happen...please let it happen)

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