Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Search Begins

I've begun the plan for the white garden. I'm looking at some of the 'staples' of the garden that I've not grown in years with new appreciation.

I've never used Wave Petunias for my own garden, even tho I've had them in planter combos, and hanging baskets we've made at work for the longest time. They are wonderful, this I know...I've just not used them at home. They are likely going to be a ground cover type addition to places where I need some lower annuals.

'Perfume White' Nicotiana will be very nice in an area where I need just a little height, and a bit will go into some of my containers. It will be interesting to see if they attract the hummingbirds as well as the reds.

For some more short stuff...'Pot and Patio' Asters, in white of course.

I found a very interesting new plant for my garden. I've never had it at the greenhouse before, tho I'm not too sure on how 'new' it actually is. It's called Breynia. It's an annual that gets 4-6 ft tall, & about 3-4 ft wide. Just mottled leaves of green and white distinguish it in any way. I will use it at the back of one of the beds where I usually have an elephant ear planted. I lost the HUGE elephant ear I've had for a while to a hungry mouse over the winter.

There are still so many plants I need to choose. (& lots of spots and pots to fill) I want a new hydrangea...maybe a tree Pee gee? I definitely like the Perilla 'Vanilla', I need to plan for that....

I'm gonna go get out the pencil and paper to start mapping it out. :) Sooooooo exciting!

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