Sunday, May 27, 2007

Roses Schmoses!

The 4th of July in May?
You bet when it's a Rose called 4th of July!

This Rose bush has flowers all over it.

Not one rose bloom is the same as another on this bush.

It looks like mini fireworks shooting off in each bloom.

Some are redder, some pinker, some more striped than others.

It really is a pretty rose bush.

More beautiful blooms.


With that being said...I have to tell you a guilty secret. I don't like roses.


The roses I have in my yard are there because my husband loves roses. I love my hubby, so I have roses in the yard for him. It is not a plant I would otherwise probably have.

  • Roses are beautiful. I know.

  • Roses smell divine. Got it.

  • A rose by any other name... I read it. (and thank you Mr.Shakespeare)

  • Guns and Roses. I hear it.

  • A Kiss from a Rose. I feel it.

I just don't like roses! ( I am a nice person...I promise)

I am not rose fan because of all the bugs and diseases that love roses. Roses are a lot of work! There are products out there to help take care of roses. They work great and you must use them. Roses are bred now to be more bug and disease resistant. I know all this, and it's wonderful.

The beautiful plant you see above is very well taken care of. I spritz it, I prune it, I check it regularly for problems (and it does get them). I take blooms from it into the house. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is also a major pain in the butt! I don't have time for all this care and nurturing.

I don't like roses. Sorry!


I also have some roses I don't take care of. They are called 'Knock Out' Roses. These are roses that other roses should learn from. I have 20-some lining the driveway. (5 more will complete the line) I prune these roses in the spring, and then they fend for themselves. I started with these roses 4 years ago because they were touted to be maintenance free. I got them to prove to my husband how much a pain in the butt even 'maintenance free' roses are. These 'Knock outs' are not a pain in the butt...other than that they proved me wrong. I have added 3-4 more to the fence line each year.

Smart alack 'Knock Out' roses. These are roses I could learn to like.

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Anonymous said...

Don't like roses? Who would think a girl like you wouldn't like roses? I do agree - they do require a good deal of attention...but wow...when they bloom. I have a gorgeous yellow climber, and some others. Been looking for a new addition to my rose family - think I'll try the "knock out" Thanks for the tip ! They are definitely the most "refined" and spoiled plant in my garden. Meg.